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The Cursillo School of Leaders

The School of Leaders is absolutely essential to the continuity and development of the Cursillo Movement.

"As an operational structure of the Movement, the School is a community of Christians who, united in the atmosphere of a Group Reunion, seek every day to become more centered, more committed and more united, so as to accelerate in themselves, in the Movement and in their environments the living out of what is fundamental for being a Christian."
(The Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement: Article # 540)

Purpose of the School of Leaders:

      1. To coordinate its axis, the leaders;
      2. To equilibrate the different key parts;
      3. To endow all a deep and heartfelt unity;
      4. To promote and to assure the authenticity and integrity of the Cursillo Movement in
          all three phases
(Precursillo, Cursillo, and Postcursillo);
      5. To help and to facilitate the process of the Precursillo toward the Postcursillo
          through the 3-day Cursillo, and to channel the restlessness of those who have lived a
          Cursillo to a progressive state of conversion;
      6. To establish, without exercising control or dominion over groups, the function of the
          School of extending the basic ideas of function and operation, and to activate the
          assembly without obligating  them.

Consequently, the School of Leaders is established to be something
- a community of service to the Cursillistas; to serve the Cursillo Community.

Furthermore, its leaders:

      1. Live and understand the method so they may serve from it and safeguard it;
      2. Are in a state of progressive conversion;
      3. Are improving their knowledge and practical experience of the Cursillo purpose and
          method to acquire the Cursillo mentality and communicate it to others;
      4. Deepen their knowledge of the Cursillo technique and its methodology, and apply it,
          especially the work of personal contact;
      5. Know and live the rollos of the Cursillo Weekend;
      6. Develop the sense of being leaders with a Church mentality;
      7. Revitalize and invigorate the Precursillo, Cursillo, the Ultreya and the Secretariat.

Christian leadership is a work of the Spirit, and requires the gift of discernment
to place it at the service of the Church.  Though all Cursillistas are called to be
leaders in their environments, only a small percentage of them are called to be
leaders in the environment of the Cursillo Movement itself.  Since they are an
apostolate, those who accept their role in the School of Leaders must give all
their spare time to it.

The School itself is meant to be one of spirituality, formation, and Christian
community. The individuals who make up the School together form a Christianity
in Action as they serve the whole Movement.  They must be leaders in all three
phases of the Movement.
(Precursillo, Cursillo, and PostCursillo)

The School should provide its members with the necessary information and
materials for spiritual, methodological, doctrinal and Cursillo mentality and

The School must be structured in such a way that it can be a community of
persons who share the vision of the Movement, its common objectives, and its
mutual efforts in the work and the desire for holiness.

The School must sustain leaders for the Movement, who express their sense of
vocation to the Church in their service to other Cursillistas and in the work of
Excerpted from Leader's Manual, United States Catholic Cursillo Movement
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